Reading is one of the most used skills in business, yet  it is often the least efficient. Fast Effective Reading can give you back at least 2 hours per day. Use it on paper, screens and tablets. Learn to concentrate better and retain more and as a result be far more productive in your work.

The following skills can be learnt, applied immediately and permanently:
- At least double, or even treble your reading speeds, without any loss of accuracy (from approx. 230 words a minute to 500-700 words a minute)
- Find key points faster
- Absorb more information; retain and remember up to 20 - 30% more
- Be more engaged whilst reading and not lose concentration
- Read more efficiently and effectively from screens/tablets
- Crucially, learn how to vary reading speeds to suit what you're reading

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Recent Testimonials

“At long last I think I am going to complete my studies thanks to your remarkable course.” P. Throwley, Student

“Without doubt, one of the most effective training courses I have ever encountered. Thank you so much.” Karen Smart, Solicitor

“I had no idea that my reading speeds could improve so much AND allow me to take in and remember so much more.” Ken Potter, IT Manager

“We should have been taught these skills years ago at school. It would have saved so much time and enabled me to get through everything so much faster. Luckily it is never too late to learn!” Leslie Mann, HR Manager

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