Fast Effective Reading can help you read more in less time and provide you with the following skills, immediately and for a lifetime:
- Increase your reading speed - at least double, even treble how fast you read books, emails, social media and text messages
- Crucially, learn how to vary reading speeds to suit what you’re reading
- Increase your ability to concentrate for longer, including how to deal with distractions
- Pick up from where you left off more easily, retain and recall what you’ve read
- Get more pleasure from your pleasure reading

Changing your habits

Reading is one of the most important skills we learn, yet many people take it for granted and fail to see their bad reading habits!

This, combined with busy lifestyles, work and family means trying to get into a good book becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. Get back the pleasure that reading used to give with Fast Effective Reading.

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