Your best reading speeds

double or treble your current speeds

Your best concentration

become more focused, less distracted

Your best retention

remember more when it matters

UK's best instructors

to train you in reading excellence

You need this course if you have these reading habits:

  • your eyes frequently skip backwards
  • you read word by word
  • you hear all the words in your head
  • you easily get bored or distracted
  • you forget much of what you have read
  • you read a lot from computer screens

Course now celebrating its 11th successful year. Students and non-students benefit significantly alike. Instruction given on Zoom, course attendees read from own books or tablets.


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Best speeds, best concentration, best retention

Now and for life. 1000’s already benefiting worldwide.
Now actively promoted at Eton, Harrow and Le Rosey (Switzerland).


Fast Effective Reading (*aka speed reading) is an essential personal tool to maximise your time when reading whether at school or university, at work or at leisure.

Computer screens. These problems are especially acute when reading from computer screens. Research* has indicated that when reading from computer screens, speeds can drop by up to 30%. Concentration and retention also suffer, resulting in poor use of valuable time.
*Stavanger University, 2018
*NB Fast Effective Reading is not the same as Speed Reading or Rapid Reading. There the emphasis is on “Speed” or “Rapid”. This Fast Effective Reading course aims to double reading speeds, but also to improve concentration, comprehension and retention by 20/30%. Speed Reading and Rapid Reading courses tend only to provide skimming systems, which do little to improve overall reading effectiveness. So think twice before taking either a Speed Reading course or Rapid Reading course!