Fast Effective Reading is a training course devised over 10 years ago by David Aylwin, owner of Reading Transformations ltd. David still runs the course frequently, now on Zoom. The course gives you the means to transform your reading skills – instantly and for life, allowing you to increase productivity and efficiency in work, study and leisure. Having been taught to read once as a child, your reading skills have barely developed since then. You will have picked up bad habits along the way. For example, when you read –

  • your eyes frequently skip backwards
  • you read word by word
  • you hear all the words in your head
  • your mind often wanders, you easily get bored
  • you take a long time to get to the main points
  • you forget much of what you have read.

Computer screens. These problems are especially acute when reading from computer screens. Research* has indicated that when reading from computer screens, speeds can drop by up to 30%. Concentration and retention also suffer, resulting in poor use of valuable time.

*Stavanger University, 2018

Fast Effective Reading is an essential personal tool to maximise your time when reading whether at work, at school or university or at leisure.


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