Fast Effective Reading provides the tools for students from schools, colleges or universities or the workplace to learn more effectively, helping to achieve better results.

The following skills can be learnt, applied immediately and permanently throughout education and employment:

  • At least double, or even treble reading speeds, without any loss of accuracy (from approx. 230 words a minute to 500-700 words a minute)
  • Revise more quickly and thoroughly; learning the ‘PQ3R’ system for effective revision
  • Greater levels of concentration, stopping your mind wandering and getting bored with the task
  • Retain and remember up to 20 – 30% more information
  • Understand more from what is being read – take in more of the important information
  • Find the important points and facts faster

Students from the following schools and universities have recently successfully taken this Fast Effective Reading course:

St Mary's Ascot

St Pauls
Edinburgh University
Oxford University
Durham University

Changing your habits

Reading is one the most important skills we learn in life, yet it is rarely developed beyond primary school. Bad reading habits are picked up as the amount of reading steadily increases, initially in education and later in employment. This results in poorly developed reading skills, at levels far below potential. Fast, Effective Reading can increase your/ your child's reading efficiency and general academic performance.

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