Fast Effective Speed Reading Course – Background, Aims and Trainers

This online Course in Fast Effective Speed Reading is based on an extensive research programme some years ago with under-graduates in two universities. The research included filming students’ eye movements and measuring levels of concentration at different reading speeds.

The course was created as a result of this research, and aims to

  • double, even treble reading speeds
  • increase absorption and retention by 20%
  • reduce mind-wandering enabling sharper focus

To achieve the above, we teach you how to:

  • read without having to go back, and stop re-reading texts
  • read more than one word at a time, and stop reading word by word
  • have a wider range of speeds, and stop using the same reading speed for all texts
  • gain a more razor-sharp focus, and stop losing concentration
  • remember more, and stop forgetting key information

How you read now is based on what you were taught when you were a young child. You have probably not been taught much since. You have been left to develop your reading skills on your own and as a result bad habits have crept in which now severely limit your reading effectiveness. They encourage you to lose concentration, absorb less and retain less.

The same results have also been picked up in another more recent study conducted in a Norwegian university into which looked specifically at reading effectiveness when reading from a computer. The same factors were found but more accentuated.

Now meet the specialist trainers in Fast Effective Reading

David Aylwin BA (Classics, Oxon) DipEd Hons first went into advertising. After a while, he decided to contribute to the world rather than to sell to it and became a professional trainer and coach. David co-wrote the Fast Effective Reading/Speed Reading course, in which he now specialises and delivers on Zoom to school students as well as business organisations. 

Karen McKay graduated in Education and Drama with a BEd Hons; has tutored in this Fast Effective Reading/Speed Reading course for some years and is a highly experienced trainer in the field. She is passionate about getting the most from everyone she trains. Formally Head of English at a prep school.

Arabella Parr BA Hons 1993, Bristol not only teaches this rapid reading course but advises on current student reading trends. Mother to three grown up children, teacher to plenty more and Director of Development and Marketing at both prep and public schools. An avid reader from childhood she believes that reading is the key to success both emotionally and intellectually.

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