PART 1 the physical process of reading – “making your eyes work better”

1. Course Objectives and Initial Tests

  • Tests to measure delegates’ current reading performance
  • What could be achieved

2. Current Reading Problems and How to Overcome Them

  • Current reading habits; how and why they cause problems
  • Controlling regressions (re-reading words, sentences and paragraphs)
  • “Chunking” – reading in groups of words
  • Controlling sub-vocalisation – the internal voice
  • NEW: Fast Effective Reading from the computer screen/tablets

PART 2 The mental process of reading – “making your brain work better”

3. How to concentrate better

  • Causes of poor concentration
  • Practical ways to concentrate better for longer
  • The connection of reading speed and concentration
  • How long to read before concentration wanders

4. How to understand and absorb more

  • Effective previewing and skimming techniques; using PASS
  • Key purposes for reading, and how they should affect the pace of reading
  • Varying the pace to get the comprehension you require
  • Skim reading – the ‘zig-zag’, ‘the big ‘S’’, ‘ski-reading’

5. How to remember more; how and when to take effective notes / highlight

  • Why our memory often fails us
  • Basics of good note-taking
  • How to remember more – basic steps to take
  • For students – effective revision using the PQ3R system

6. Applying the skills after the course

  • Practice required for long-term reinforcement

Each individual’s reading speeds and comprehension levels are measured at the start and frequently throughout the course, so as to monitor changes, and ensure correct speeds are used for maximum comprehension. No scores are ever divulged.

Duration: 6.5 hours(+/-) including good refreshment breaks. Two half-days also possible. Please apply.

Course Delivery: course content currently delivered via Zoom or via Microsoft Teams (on request)

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